The “Chez Rosalie” Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Prevention Program (MTCTP)

"Chez Rosalie" is a successful example of how MTCTP services can be implemented at a community-run clinic. A model for the rest of the region; Chez Rosalie has effectively eliminated mother-to child HIV transmissions in Sikoro.                      

In 2017, "Chez Rosalie" provided free HIV testing to 4,108 pregnant women, 99% of all women seen for prenatal care at the Hope Center Clinic in Sikoro and the ASACOBA clinic in Banconi.

All women who tested positive received free HIV treatment and delivery services to ensure that their infants started their lives HIV-free.

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The Sikoro Hope Association

A formal association with the mission of fighting the social stigmatization that affects people living with HIV in Mali, "Sikoro Hope" was started by a core group of women receiving HIV care  through GAIA's programs.

Association members provide a critical support system to address the initial shock of the HIV+ diagnosis for new patients, share their personal experiences, and emphasize the importance of preventing further transmissions, and distribute condoms donated by GAIA.

In 2017, the Sikoro Hope Association's 50 members met on a weekly basis and coordinated twice-weekly community meals for GAIA's Nutritional Support Program.

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The Nutritional Support Program

GAIA's twice weekly program to reduce hunger and the high degree of misunderstanding about the HIV virus in Mali. The program brings staff and patients together with a traditional Malian meal eaten from a shared communal bowl.

In 2017, the Nutritional Support Program served 3,216 meals to people living with HIV, their families, and clinic staff.

   Teen Peer Education Program

GAIA aims to ensure that adolescents and young adults have access to reproductive health information. Socrates, a trained Peer Educator, is the Program Coordinator and leads adolescents and young adults in a weekly, co-ed, teen health education program.

In 2017, the Teen Peer Education Program sponsored 700 teens to receive weekly health education sessions on STDs, HIV, HPV and reproductive health.

The Teen Peer Education Program organized 50 health promotion and health prevention education workshops on STDs, HIV, HPV and reproductive health for 700 adolescents.
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The Cervical Cancer Prevention Program

GAIA partnered with the National Center for Immunization (CNI) to support the GAVI (Global Vaccine Alliance) HPV vaccine demonstration project. If Mali is able to achieve vaccine coverage during their demonstration project, GAVI will approve the country for a national HPV program.

In May 2017, GAIA supported the CNI in the delivery of the second dose of the HPV vaccine to 7,029 girls in Commune 1.      


The Hope Center Clinic for HIV care

Strategically integrated in Sikoro’s community-run clinic, the Hope Center Clinic serves as the center of GAIA’s clinical activity.

In 2008, the Gilead Foundation contributed to the creation of this clinic-within-a clinic, and in 2009, GAIA launched the first community clinic-based HIV Care Program in West Africa. 

In 2017, the Hope Center Clinic for HIV Care provided life-saving treatment for 255 patients.  

The Free HIV Testing Program at the Hope Center Clinic in Sikoro delivers confidential testing on a walk-in basis in an effort to identify and prevent new HIV infections.

In 2017, the lab processed over 4,000 free HIV tests for adults and pregnant women.

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