January 2019

“The Global Alliance to Immunize Against AIDS Vaccine Foundation’s work with textiles and HPV in Mali offers one example of the ways in which people and organizations around the world are using the arts to transform communities.”

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June 2018

“Over the last 35 years since graduating from medical school, she has worked on field campaigns to vaccinate against measles in the Congo (former Zaire), performed nutrition surveys in the segregated slums of Soweto and Alexandra Township, worked in villages in The Gambia on malaria vaccine research and has travelled many times to Mali, West Africa, with the GAIA Vaccine Foundation, for projects related to vaccine acceptance and vaccination promotion. “

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July 2015

“The bright yellow African storytelling cloth designed by a University of Rhode Island researcher and nonprofit director is helping prevent cervical cancer in Mali.”

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December 2014

“The next step in GAIA’s HPV vaccine initiative in Mali is to build awareness and encourage women to get vaccinated. The new funding from the Gates Foundation is enabling the nonprofit to produce Squibb’s textile design in Mali, which will create jobs for local businesses and tailors and add to what DeGroot calls ‘the fashion buzz about the cloth.’”

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November 2014

“Immunology expert Dr. Annie De Groot and recent Rhode Island School of Design graduate Eliza Squibb have developed a storytelling cloth that can be used to educate women in Mali about the link between HPV (human papillomavirus) and cervical cancer. Their project, conducted through the GAIA Vaccine Foundation, was awarded a $100,000 Grand Challenges Grant Tuesday from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

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October 2014

“Ebola is overwhelming health-care systems in West Africa, and as a result, people are dying on doorsteps of hospitals from treatable diseases (malaria), because the hospitals are overwhelmed by a contagious disease (Ebola) that should have been contained months ago. What is the solution? I have two to offer...”

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September 2014

“De Groot named one of most influential people in vaccine industry”

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