A WORLD AIDS DAY Message of hope:

It's been a big year in the fight against AIDS around the world:

There are new options and products to stop HIV transmission, like the preventative medicine "PreP", which is 90% effective. A variety of HIV prevention products are being developed specifically for women, like the vaginal ring, that show strong results across the globe. 
And just this week, an HIV vaccine trial was launched in South Africa! 

For us at GAIA, it has been a great year:

  • We tested 1,460 expecting mothers for HIV (99.8% of all women seen for prenatal care).
  • All HIV+ pregnant and breastfeeding women at 5 clinics received free prenatal vitamins.
  • 100% of babies born at the clinic were HIV-free for 11 years now!
  • We served 2,845 meals to HIV+ community members and their families and participation increased 16% since last year!
  • 860 teens participated in our HIV education and prevention program.

Children diagnosed with HIV in Mali face many challenges due to social stigmatization. Today, we'd like to share an uplifting message from one of our amazing teen advocates. 

It's our goal to help strong messengers like her spread hope among her peers and throughout her country. 

If you chose to support GAIA on World AIDS Day, your donation will be fully matched by an anonymous donor.

Help us make her voice heard this World AIDS day!