Since 2005, 145 HIV-Free babies have been born at GAIA’s Hope Center Clinic
— Anne De Groot M.D., Founder and Scientific Director
If we are to see any real development in the world, then our best investment is women.”
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

5 Ways You Can Invest in Adolescent Girls and Women in Mali

1.    Support free HIV testing, treatment, nutritional meals, prenatal care, delivery services and HPV vaccines for thousands of adolescent girls and women in Mali.

2.    Help provide free, confidential HIV tests and ensure HIV care for women.  In 2017, GAIA tested 1,347 women for HIV and provided life-saving HIV treatment for 199 women who tested positive.  

3.    Sponsor adolescent girls and young women to receive health education on HIV, STDs, HPV and reproductive health.

4.    Give to facilitate “stay in school” empowerment activities along with HIV prevention education for adolescent girls.

5.     Fund the training of female peer leaders to recruit out of school adolescent girls.

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