One case of Ebola is no time to panic

Yes, the CDC confirmed the first case of ebola diagnosed in the US. The next day, the cover of the Providence Journal looked like this, with the headline of "Ebola Outbreak":

Yes, we need to send as much support to those countries that are suffering from this virus, and yes, we need to lay in supplies to prepare for cases in the US or Mali, BUT it is important to remember that there are many other dangerous diseases that we cannot ignore that are quietly killing far more people than the Ebola virus. As Douglas Boyd posted (@douglasjayboyd)

"The West African #EbolaOutbreak took .005% the number of lives heart disease takes annually in the US alone."

You can support our initiatives to protect health workers from Ebola in Mali, but don't forget about the important issues. Here at GAIA VF we are still fighting killers like HIV and cervical cancer.